• Hello World Counters running on Android

    Hello World Counters

    My first Hello World Flutter app is an easy-to-use tally counter with multiple color counters. Count people, sheep, kisses, or smiles, and nobody will know what you are counting! Increase, decrease, reset the counters, or share them with other apps.

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  • Hello World Colors running on Android

    Hello World Colors

    Slate Blue. Crimson. Peach Puff. A beautiful color with a beautiful name with every shuffle! A free and open-source "Hello, World!" app made with Flutter.

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  • Hello World Toast running on an Android phone

    Hello World Toast

    It may very well be the simplest Android app. Works even on Android 1.0! All it does is display the famous Hello World! text in a toast - the familiar Android small popup used to show quick messages to the user. Then the app closes, even before starting... :-)

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